Our Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Lighter can Light Anything

Perfect to use with one hand, this electric lighter is useful in any situation

Light candles, cigarettes, cigars, all with one hand!

Even use it as a firestarter when you go camping

Spark Lighter - USB Rechargeable Electrical Spark Cigarette Lighter used for lightning cigarettes and candles

One hour charge of this electric lighter is good for up to 300 uses

You’ll never have to buy another cigarette lighter again!

USB Rechargeable Double Electrical Spark Cigarette Lighter – New Colors!

New Colors Available – USB Rechargeable Dual Electronic Spark Cigarette Lighter

Our USB Rechargeable Double Electric Spark Cigarette Lighter is now available in 2 new colors. Check out our Gold and Iridescent Rechargeable Double Spark Cigarette Lighters here

Made with Zinc Alloy these rechargeable cigarette lighters are flameless, windproof, and guaranteed to light in any weather! No lighter fluid or gas required

USB Rechargeable Double Spark Electrical Cigarette Lighters

Our Double Spark design works better and more efficiently than our original Single Spark Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter. Charges easily with the included Micro USB charger cable. One charge is good for 200-300 uses! To light your cigarette, press the button and an electric spark will appear. Lights cigarettes easily and can be used as a fire starter.

USB Rechargeable Double Spark Electrical Cigarette Lighter Iridescent 3

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Selfie LED Light Case for iPhone 6 / 6S

Selfies too dark? You can take bright selfies anywhere with our LED Light Case for iPhone 6/6S

Don’t have a flash? No problem! This awesome design will brighten up your photos wherever you take them.

This simple design includes a one-touch activated light that lightens up the room while you take selfies and photos. No flash needed!

Rechargeable internal battery charges separately from your phone

$5 Off Limited Time Only!

Sweatproof Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Running / Working Out

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Like to listen to music while you run? How about when you’re at the gym working out or exercising?

Shop our collection of Bluetooth Headphones now!

We’ve got wireless headphones perfect for any style:

Bluetooth Wireless Exercise Sports Running Headphones BLUE (1)
Bluetooth Wireless Exercise Sports Running Headphones
Bluetooth Sports Workout Headphones black and white
Bluetooth Sports Workout Headphones black and white
Sports/Workout Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Sports/Workout Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

For a premium experience, check out our Wired Noise-Cancelling Headphones w/ Digitally Enhanced Audio:

Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones
Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones

3D Video Glasses / 98″ 1080p Mobile Private Theater – Back in Stock!

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Due to popular demand our 3D Video Glasses are back in stock!

3D Video Glasses 98" 1080p Private Mobile Theater
3D Video Glasses 98″ 1080p Private Mobile Theater

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With our brand new 3D Video Glasses you can watch videos and play games in your own private theater-Anytime! Anywhere! Utilizing radiation-free LCD technology our ultra-lightweight, portable, video glasses are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease.


98″ Virtual display size @ 7ft. distance

Display resolution: 1920*1080 pixels

2D/3D format

Supports 2D Movies & Side by Side 3D Movies (SBS)


AV inused as display monitor for digital products with AV out (RCA composite-Red/White/Yellow)

Memory-Built-in 8GB memory

Supports MicroSD card up to 32 GB


3.7v/950mAh built-in battery

Up to 3-4 hours of playing time after full charge

Rechargeable via USB port or USB adapter


Built-in file browser and multimedia player

Operating System Language: English, Chinese

Supported Media Formats:

Multimedia player supports most file formats

Video: AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, PSP, DAT, VOB, WMV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, etc.,


Photos: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG

eBook: TXT

What’s Included:

3D Video Glasses

3.5mm Audio cable

Micro USB Charger Cable

3-1 RCA (red-white-yellow) to AV cable

User Manual / Warranty

Rubber guard for comfort

Carrying Case

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